Stockton Mini-Hack 2017


110 N. San Joaquin St
Stockton, CA 95202

September 23, 2017


08:30 AM


09:00 AM


07:00 PM


07:15 PM


08:00 PM

Event Info

We are very excited to hold an event in Stockton!  The main purpose of this event is to draw the programming community from Stockton and the surrounding areas together to begin forming a real community.  We want you to come out and have fun.  If you want to come and not compete but work on your own projects that is fine too, sign up so we know you are coming and come hang out.  You don't even have to stay the entire time if you can't, but we think you will want to.  Food and drink will be provided (light breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks).

The business community has come together to support this, so we have $2000 in cash prizes plus some other stuff too.  

We will have a time for people to pitch their project and grow their team before we start coding.  We may even allow a few pre-selected people come to pitch ideas to form a team, that depends on the number of independents we see as we close in on the event.  These would be entrepreneurs looking for a quick mockup or something, but would provide a goal for a team to achieve.  Teams may be up to four people.